Saturday, November 12, 2011

Week 9 of College

This week was a very long one.
But lets focus on the good stuff :) Last night Amber's guy friend came over and took Lauren, Mac, and I to the Paramount to see Contagion. The movie about diseases spreading around the world with Matt Damon in it. It was really good!

When I woke up this morning, apparently it was "blizzarding" (i didn't see it, that is just what my roommates said). Now there is more snow on the ground! I get to make George Jr. By the natural causes of snow melting combined with a foot, my first snowman, George died. Also sometime during the night my pumpkin that I set outside disappeared... oh well.

Classes are going well.

I cannot wait to go home and sleep in my bed in my blue room on my queen sized bed! or to cuddle with my cat, Prince. I hope he hasn't forgotten about me. I miss the view, if someone could take a picture of Valley Center hills/mountains and send it to me, that would be amazing! I miss going to Friday Night Football games. I miss my mother's cooking, my dad's hug. Coming home from school or some activity and seeing my dad playing some Lego Wii game :P haha i miss playing Country Dance and MarioKart against Rachel. I miss driving, oh i miss that so much! Driving 55 - 60 down Lilac Rd. I wonder if my parents will let me drive at all when I see them at Thanksgiving??? :))))

Last Sunday my roommates and I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies: here are the pictures.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


These are some pictures of me actually playing in snow! Ya I know many of you thought I would never play in it. Well personally thats what I thought... haha but enjoy!
(Thank you Lauren for taking pictures on your camera!)

^Me attempting to make a snowman with super powdery snow ^

^My first Snowman. I named him George ^

^ My dormmate Amber ^ 

^ My dormmate Lauren ^
(Lauren and Amber are roommates)


This is the second snowfall of the year! It started yesterday and it is still snowing out there. I caught a snowflake on my tongue for the first time EVER! It was quite difficult. They make it look a lot easier in the movies... But also the snowflakes weren't very big and when they did get bigger, I hid my face cause they were getting all over me and freezing my nose off. The first snowfall was at the beginning of October and it snowed while I was in class so I didn't see it. I think this snow is here to stay for all of winter. I have seen more snow in the last 24 hours than I have seen in my entire life!!! I haven't decided whether I like it much or not. I did discover that snow makes a crunching noise when you step on it and I enjoyed walking on the snow covered grass a ton last night. 

Friday, November 4, 2011

College Life!

Well, these first couple months of college have been interesting. At the beginning of October, it snowed for the first time... That made me miss home sweet home (California).

This past week my roommates and I went about making a two story fort out of our two couches, our table, and 3 sheets. It was very successful, but we weren't too sure our Head Resident would be happy about it since the couches were tipped on their sides... So we went on to make a very much lamer fort with just two couches and 1 sheet... and only one story, the ground. So that was lots of fun :)

Not too sure what else to write.

I am surviving in this cold place for now.... I miss the hills of my home, the Santa Anna winds, the 80 degree weather, not having to cook my own food haha :P

I have only been on dates with three different guys so far, and I do not believe I will be asked on anymore dates by those guys. 1 of them got a girlfriend, another I only saw as a friend, the last my parents disapprove of...

For Halloween I went to the Haunted Mill and it was SUPER SCARY! for the first half that is :) then i kinda started to become immune to the people jumping out at me and i would just say hello to them haha

Well if you want to ask me any questions... I'm sure there is a way to comment on people's blogs here... I'm new at this. otherwise ask me over facebook.